I send hearts here and there to spread a little love everywhere. They are super amazing handmade creations and worth four million dollars, but they are free. Proving your heart is priceless. 

Have you ever felt like you could hug the whole world?! We are here on this beautiful planet and there must be a way to do that. Sending handmade things to as many places as I can makes me feel like I’m giving a big hug to our planet Earth. Nothing special, just simple tiny hearts I draw, but for me this is a love project. And if someone really buys a heart for 4million USD, this will also be my “how I became a millionaire” project. 

These tiny hearts are limited edition, they are only available as long as I have time, paper, envelope, blue pen, red pen and deep desire to make them. If you would be happy to receive a snail mail heart, don’t hesitate to contact me. I wish I could send to anyone, but I’m not a millionaire yet so my first goal is to send to every country. Check your country on the map.

This website may contain traces of jokes, but I am absolutely serious about spreading love and sending hearts.

All rights reserved – except spreading love

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