This is a magical place where hearts hop and it also rhymes with the heart shop. You can choose an item below and have a better look at what I’m doing here.

We are living in a material world and we price and measure everything. Love can’t be measured, but I wanted to express how much of myself I put into each heart. That’s why I call each of them “Four Million Dollar Heart”. Don’t worry, there is a permanent 100% discount here. But if I ever sold a heart, it would really cost 4million USD, so that everyone who receives a heart from me can be convinced numerically that they are getting something very precious. Also, this way I could become a millionaire and trade my full-time job for spreading love as a freelancer.

Snail Mail Heart

Price: Priceless
You can’t buy it, you can only get it.

Painted Heart

Price: 4 000 000 USD
The only one that could ever be bought.

Heart Bombing

Price: Pay zero find some
When my heart overflows, I must do something.

Definitely Some Heart

Price: No item, no price
Must be a 4th item here, I’ll figure it out.

This website may contain traces of jokes, but I am absolutely serious about spreading love and sending hearts.
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