Snail Mail Heart

Price: Priceless. You can’t buy it, you can only get it.

Shipping: Free of charge.

Quantity available: As many as I really do have deep desire to make.

Size: Depending on my mood and my paper cutting tool.

Description: Small hearts that I clumsily draw with my pen. I usually send 1+4 hearts, one for you, and four others which you can give away to whoever you want. As these are truly unique, handmade products, I can’t guarantee that yours will look the same as in the photos. Actually you might get something totally different.

Who is it recommended for? I don’t recommend it for anyone, I’m just happy to send anyone who wants it. I do love to see in photos where my handprint has gone. So if you take a photo of it in a nice place near you and send it to me, I’ll happily upload it on the map and thank you in advance! If you are a photographer, that’s non plus ultra – I can’t wait to see my hearts in beautiful photos taken in famous places, but if you use a potato for the photo shoot, that’s perfect too.

Important: Don’t hesitate to contact me to get one. I wish I could send to anyone, but I’m not a millionaire yet so my first goal is to send to every country. Check your country on the map. Once someone buys the Painted Heart for 4million USD, I will be happy to send to anyone. Until then, my time and ‘hobby wallet‘ set the limit of my wishes.

This website may contain traces of jokes, but I am absolutely serious about spreading love and sending hearts.
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